Moving Tips

  1. Please do not have your phone shut off the day of the move in case we need to contact you.
  2. Items we can't move are firewood, hazardous material, gasoline, paint, construction material such as sheetrock, cement, etc. BBQ tanks, firearms, ammunition or lawnmowers with any trace of fuel.
  3. We will disassemble and/or set-up beds, washer and dryers or any other household goods. All our movers carry tools. Please note - this takes more time increases cost of move.
  4. If you are living in a building with an elevator, please reserve the elevator for the time of your move. Smaller elevators take more time to complete the move.
  5. Please, if it can fit in a box. Please have it in one. This will save you on time with your move.
  6. Removing the contents of your dressers and file cabinets are required for the safety of both our movers and your belongings.
  7. Artwork must be packed in boxes that provide adequate protection. Please mark boxes "Art and Fragile". The use of bubble wrap is recommended.
  8. Please mark all boxes according to designated rooms. This will make the move go quicker.
  9. Electronic components such as stereos, computers, and other equipment must be packed in its original boxes, or in boxes that give the same degree of protection.
  10. If you have a storage unit, garage or shed, make sure all contents are packed up and that items such as rakes, shovels and all long-handled garden tools are taped together at the top and bottom.
  11. Keep all "like" items together. Tape small pieces and parts together (ie. bolts, nuts, bed frame pieces and any disassembled small parts)
  12. Place about two inches of crushed paper in the bottom of your boxes to cushion and help protect your items.
  13. Avoid overloading boxes; however, strive for a firm pack that will prevent items from shifting. Make sure there is no "wiggle room".
  14. Please make sure not to use large boxes for heavier items such as books; small boxes are a better choice.
  15. If you plan on using your own moving truck make sure to rent moving pads and purchase ropes to protect your items and secure your load. You can even use your own heavy blankets for padding.


Follow the Moving Tips and Your Move Will Be a Successful One!